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3 Years to 6 Years


Turbo 2's:  (2 - 3 years)  *View Available Classes*

Instructor accompanies child in class.  Instructor Recommendation.  Student must have completed at least one Swimester of Super Tots at Bubbles to Butterfly.  Skill include independent back float, jumping in and returning to the side of the pool, beginner swim skills, as well as underwater swimming.   Class ratio is 1 Instructor to 3 Students.


Intro to Bubbles:    *Click to View available Classes*   

For students not yet comfortable under water.  Students will learn water adjustment, balance, and body position in this class designed to acclimate students to the water, teach personal water safety as well as beginner swim skills.  


Bubbles I:   *View Available Classes*

For students who are comfortable under water.  Skills include front and back float, rolling back to front, blowing bubbles, submerging and beginner strokes as well as water safety skills.  


Bubbles II:  *View Available Classes*

For independent swimmers who can float on back unassisted.  Rolling from front to back, jumping in and returning to side of pool unassisted.  Beginner front crawl stroke arms, rolling on back for a breath and beginner backstroke arms.                         For more scheduling options, check availability under Bubbles I


Bubbles III:   *View Available Classes*

For students proficient in rolling onto their back for a breath.  Skills include rotary breathing, front crawl stroke, back stroke, recovering object from the bottom and diving skills.  For more scheduling options, check availability under Bubbles II

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